Did you know, you can start reading to a child even before they are born?

It creates a bond with the reader and helps develop their literacy and language skills.

📚When they are 0-2, children can start discovering (board) books by themselves. They will explore them by putting them in their mouths, throwing them away, (even scribbling in them!). At this stage, a book is mainly an object.

📚From 2 to 3 years old, children need to be comforted about who they are and that is why they enjoy short books that reflect their environment and their lives.

📚Between 3 to 4:  Children can read more descriptive books containing fewer images. At this stage, they enjoy reading books on their favourite themes. Do not hesitate to introduce them to several literary genres.

📚And from 5: Children can read everything and start chapter books if they fancy. I mentioned dictionaries in the reel but truly, you can show your kids how they work, how to look for an entry and do the same with Atlases for example!

Basically, everything can be reading material, even your grocery shopping list! But please remember, these little tips are not a one size fit all. Every child is different so some of the above may not apply to your child’s profile and that is completely fine! ❤


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