[REVIEWS] Family or families?

For long we've only seen the same type of family represented. A mom, a day and a child. However, this is not the only combination possible. All type of family should feel seen and valid.

Uncle Bobby's Wedding

Chloe has a favourite uncle named Bobby. Together, they have plenty of fun! Sometimes, Bobby takes her rowing on the river, flying kites at the park or teaches her the name of the stars.

However, everything changes when Bobby and his friend Jamie announce their wedding. Everyone is happy and excited except Chloe! She doesn't want to share her favourite uncle.

But when Chloe accepts to spend time with the couple, the little girl ends up having the best time ever! Indeed, Jamie turns out to be just as great as her uncle Bobby!

Who's your real mom?

Elvie has two mums. One day, her friend Nicholas asks her who her real mum is between the two. Elvie teases her friend by giving evasive answers, and by the end of the story, Nicholas understands both of them are her real moms because they both take good care of her!

She's my dad!

In 'She's my dad', we follow six-year-old Mini who has a transgender dad named Hayley. It's grampa's birthday, and Mini gets to see her favourite cousin, Kat that still accidentally defines Hayley with the pronoun "he". Mini's proud of dad's new identity and does not hesitate to correct people who misgender her dad: "her dad is a she" and not referring to her as such makes her feel sad.

This picture book is a tender way to explain trans identity to little ones. Every important word such as transition, gender identity is explained in a glossary, and the reading guide at the end of the book works as a conversation starter while making sure they understand they must respect and accept people for who they are!

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