[CHRISTMAS] 5 French picture books to offer this winter.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Here is my selection of 5 French picture books that are worth reading and offering for this end of year!

Le Chemin de Jada

Iris and Jada live in the mountains. They are twin sisters and alike in every point except for their skin complexion. Iris's skin is as light as acacias and Jada's as dark as charcoal. Because of her dark skin, people are mean to Jada and call her by hurtful names. Her grandma even tells her she'd be prettier if she weren't as dark as a Night's child. Jada wishes she could join these children. Maybe she'd feel like she belongs around them. From there starts for Jada, a quest to self-love that will help her realise how beautiful and unique she is!

Contes d’un autre genre

Using the codes of traditional fairy tales, Gael Aymon offers the reader three modern stories that deconstruct gender stereotypes! Princesses don't always need to be saved, while some princes dream of it. Worry not, these stories contain their fair share of enchantment, but heroes and heroines do not intend to let their conduct be dictated and play the role expected of them.

Des vacances timbrées

Mathilde Poncet's flamboyant picture book takes us into a fantastic universe! Behind the mundane details Alice writes to her grandmother about her summer holidays, the dazzling illustrations plunge the reader on the wonderful adventures she's lived! Vézovèle Tupleck

Vézovèle is a tiny creature who loves changing shape! He and his friends live in space with the people of Pjozka. And guess what? They wonder who you are! ;)


L’écrivain is a lovely picture book in which the reader follows a writer’s life from their dog’s perspective. The dog considers himself as his human's carer: Indeed, he needs to remind the writer to eat, rest, go out, etc. The pet might even be the one to help him find love! A heart-warming picture book for dogs lovers, signed by none other than Davide Cali and Monica Barengo!

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