[PARENTING] How to assist children during homework?

Homework can be a challenging moment for pupils and parents alike! We expect children to behave a certain way, but what about the parent's posture?

Here are three tips to put parents in the right mindset throughout these learning sessions!

Be indulgent to yourself:

Teaching requires skills we do not all have, and that is ok. As a parent, trying your best is good enough. Focusing on your child’s health, for example, is definitely a great thing you can do to help them learn better. A good sleep, hugs and family diners should always come before homework!

Use the small-steps method:

Are you one of these parents who get worried or discouraged when you cannot notice your child's progress? If so, an idea would be to cut a goal into a series of tiny reachable steps.

Imagine, they have a poem to learn.

A reachable goal would be to spread this assignment over the week and learn two lines each day!

Collaborate to do effective work:

Be a team player! Accompany children in their learning and ask them genuine questions about how they memorise information.

You can positively reassure them “you’ll find the solution”, “you can do it”, etc., but it is important to let them guide you through their learning process.

Most importantly, do not forget to observe yourself without judgment! Just, remember that everything you say, can whether encourage your child or put them down. Examine if your comments are helping them grow up or if they express your frustration.

With these few tips in hand, you can turn homework sessions into enjoyable moments; learning does not have to be stressful! However, if you notice your children have trouble focusing on their homework, you can also check our tips to put little ones in favourable learning conditions!