[REVIEWS] Picture books around illness.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Explaining how the world we live in works is a complicated task. As adults, we don't fully understand everything and, in front of challenging events, parents might hesitate between preserving their children from reality or let them know difficult situations.


Books are of remarkable support when adults don't have all the answers, when the subjects are too deep or when you aspire to find the best angle for youngsters to comprehend what you're saying.

I'm excited to share with you this useful picture book titled 'le coco virus: le coronavirus expliqué aux enfants' (Coco, the virus: Coronavirus explained to kids.)

It all started as a comic on the website, voluntarily started by De Livrons' brother and sister. It is a great instrument to discuss the pandemic with little ones from 5 years old.

I love how contrary to the messy information we had throughout the pandemic, this book is articulated and refined. It brilliantly reorganises facts and concepts related to the pandemic (superheroes, work from home, grief, etc.)

We might not yet have much distance from this sanitary crisis, but, without hesitation, this book will tell your kids all they need to know to feel safe. ❤


I read this picture book a few months ago but took a long time to share it with you. I wanted to express how this book made me feel and still can't find the right words. It is one of these books you have to experience!

'Perfect' is about a boy who is excited to meet his baby sister. As time goes by after she comes home, he's disappointed. His sister needs special care and can't run nor play with him. When people talk to him about her he turns away. No matter how hard he tries, he can't love his sister because she is different and isn't how he expected her to be.

This picture book deals with disability and how this boy will come to realise his sister is as perfect as can be!

I love it because it is raw and doesn't try to sugar-coat the boy's feelings! @Cathyfisherart 's illustrations are stunning and brilliantly complete @Nicolakidsbooks powerful text!


I’m so glad we have picture books like 'Ma Maman est une pirate' to prime conversations around sensitive topics like diseases or illnesses with children.

In this picture book, a mum explains to her son she’s gonna have to go to a boat called ‘the merciless crab’. The Captain and the team are professionals, so they are going to help her find the treasure! She also shows him her battle scars and from there, the boy is convinced: his mum's a pirate!

Through the story, we follow this mum’s chemotherapy. She loses strength and swaps her hairstyle to beautiful headwraps. Fortunately, by the end of the book, she has great news for her son: Her crew found the treasure island, the adventure is over!

I highly recommend this picture book! The illustrations are sweet and colourful. They contrast with the hardships the family’s going through but are completely aligned with the beautiful world the parents created to include and preserve their son from this challenging battle.