[REVIEWS] Picture books celebrating self-love.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Loving yourself is a skill you can learn and teach to children, through brilliant picture books such as the following!


In this picture book suitable for +3 children, the protagonist goes to the hairstylist with her mum as her birthday is coming up!

But coily hair is so versatile, she doesn't know what to go for!

Dreadlocks like her mum? Braids like her sister? Shave it off like her dad? Despite her hesitation, the little girl ends up finding what she wants: she decides to wear her crown, her afro!

This story has everything we need in children's literature! We have a racialized character who can act as a model for children. Not only for black girls but all of them. The girls' parents have a positive influence on her and encourage her to love her hair.

The book tackles more sub-subjects than it seems. The little girl hesitates with many hairstyles included short hair, when short hair on girls/women faces much prejudice.

A beautiful gallery of hairstyles is introduced to us, celebrating the endless hairstyles possibilities that coily hair allows.

The fact she chooses to go to the hairstylist to wear her afro hair is so powerful, when so many people still consider curly natural hair isn't a proper hairstyle.

In a nutshell, it's a great book and you should read it, read it, read it! ❤


A cute picturebook to empower children, beautifully written and illustrated by Magali Le Huche.

Roger can't help but compare himself to others! This tall orange creature sees qualities in everything and everyone but himself. When he sees the beautiful and radiant sun, he wishes he could become the sun!

Guess what: the sun accepts to swap places!

Quickly enough, Roger finds out being the sun is not as great as he thought and decides to give the sun his spot back. However, our orange creature still wants to be someone else. He'll swap places with every friend he'll meet on his way. Luckily, his furry friend might just have a solution to Roger's problem!

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